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“I found each experience with Gill to be extremely powerful and have a profound positive effect on me.. after discussing what I wanted from each session, I felt Gill was intuitive to what I needed.. I felt my mind empty and I went so deep I could almost feel myself floating away from my body!  Came away feeling more balanced, calm and resilient” CB

“I feel .. clearer, more balanced and energized” RR

“Gill is an intuitive therapist which leads to a deeper treatment, and one which benefits the client” RR
“Gill’s chanting and use of bowls, tools etc was like an awakening.  Her chanting was very powerful to me.  I am so grateful to Gill for taking me on this journey – it truly has been uplifting and life changing” JM

“I quickly became relaxed.  I could feel the vibrations resonating through my body, especially the chanting.  I felt a sense of floating as if between awake and asleep… stillness.. my breathing slowed down and at times I felt as if I didn’t need to breath.  At the end of the session, I felt relaxed and refreshed both mentally and physically calm – very calm”  LH

“profound stillness and relaxation” NC
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