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A bit about yoryogandsound 


Hi, my name is Gill McGready and I have been teaching Dru Yoga for many years.  I love being able to teach this wonderful, gentle, empowering, graceful and potent yoga, training at the Dru International Training School in Snowdonia, North Wales. With a background in public health, I understand the benefits of Dru yoga to our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. 


When you come to my class, you will receive a warm welcome. I hope you will join us to experience the benefits of gentle, flowing and potent yoga.  The class consists of mixed abilities, ages and body shapes / mobility.

Yoga and sound have a long and rich history, providing a synergistic relationship between our own frequency and the universe around us.  I am a qualified Sound Therapist and provide individual one to one therapy and run regular sound baths.  You can click on the tabs at the side of this page for further information on any aspect of yoga, prenatal yoga, sound therapy and sound baths.


I look forward to welcoming you.




Gill McGready

Dru Yoga Dip (Y)

Dru Prenatal Teacher

Therapeutic Sound Assocation (Dip)

Cert Health Promotion

BSc (Hons) Health & Human Sciences


Member of the Dru Professional Network, Dip (Y)

Insured by Balens

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